Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Philanthropy

Preserving Public Welfare

The Company has its labor-management conference quarterly and complies with Labor Laws for all beneficial plans, such as pension fund, and employs without discriminations. The Company also establishes Employee Welfare Committee to operate welfare activities.

Employee Complaints: Employees can file complaints to Human Resource, its Supervisor, President, or Supervisors, where established employee dispute settlement mechanisms. However, the Company is yet to happen to complaints.

The Company holds Employee and Laboratory Security Training at least once a year; besides, for irregular training on chemical substance. In addition, the Company has programs for fire drill and first-aid practice, assessment of environmental hazard, and various protection tools, and Guidelines for Equipments for Industrial Safety and Hygiene, in order to facilitate safety of employee working environment.

Corporate Philanthropy 1


The Company communicates with its employees periodically. The communication platform includes announcement and meetings, for the purpose of notifying operational and business changes. Various workshops and team building activities enhance team spirits and communications. Employees clarify their own roles and their division's position; therefore, it helps the business operation.

Career Development Program: The Company assesses employee development periodically; in addition, it also authorizes external consulting firms to establish training programs.

The Company has never been accused by customers. Stakeholders (consumers, suppliers, general public) can contact the Company directly via the contact information on Website when one suffers damage.

Corporate Philanthropy 2

The Company extends corporate social responsibility’s concept to its supply chain and works with out-sourcing pharmas with ISO environmental certification and medical authority’s official confirmation. For its product marketing, the Company collaborates with international pharmaceutical companies with reliable credibility. It is in order to comply with regulation on environmental protection, safety, hygiene, and to foster environmental protection, employee safety and health, and to share more corporate social responsibility jointly.

Records of suppliers: The Company has "Rules on Suppliers," evaluating its suppliers before establishing business relationship. The evaluation will discard suppliers with records and will not engage in long-term business hastily.