Corporate Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company follows Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles, fostering general shareholders, board, functional committees and internal controls as significant governance factors. In order to uphold corporate social responsibilities, the Company established "Code of Operation Integrity," "Code Of Ethics For Directors And Managerial officer," and " Employee Code of Conduct." Besides, leading by President Office and Department of General Administration, the whole team aims at fostering social responsibilities, reporting to board meetings, and organizing internal trainings for board members and employees. 

Enhancing Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility Information

The Company reports its relevant information and material information on MOPS and discloses information of corporate social responsibility on Company’s website and annual report. From 2013, the Company issues Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in accordance with GRI Standards Sustainability Report, on MOPS and its website.

Social Responsibility