Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Environment Development

The Company belongs to biotech industry and focuses on research and development. There are established guidelines for laboratory waste, for the purpose of fostering energy usage rate. Labs recycle reusable resources and allocate waste to different categories. To decrease environmental impact, the Company requires double-sided printing and recyclable paper internally.

For business operation purposes, the Company has environmental protection framework which set rules for air, water, noise, waste, and toxic substance. Besides, the Company has Laboratory Guidelines for lab wastes.

Sustainable Environment 2

The Company does not engage in business that produces green-house air emission. The Company has coherent policies to monitor wastes and to reduce energy and water. The laboratories comply with Guidelines for waste air, waste liquid, and waste solidity from 1998; the wastes will be assembled and disposed by professional contractors. The offices promote to save energy, carbon-consumption, water, and electricity. In the past two years (2016 and 2017), based on the electricity and water bills, the average consumption of the company’s carbon-dioxide were 714 tons and 754 tons respectively, were 4.4 tons and 4.8 tons per person. The data shows the consumption of park public electricity in 2017 was more than it was in 2016, due to R & D after the process of the relative energy consumption.

Integrity Management

In order to foster a corporate culture of ethical management and sound development, and offer a reference framework for establishing good commercial practices, the Company facilitates corporate integrity management by President of the Company and Vice President of General Administration. The President and Vice President promote integrity management to all members of the Company by top-down approach, and the Company reported the effectiveness of integrity management from 2015 board meetings. The Company also establishes communication channels on its corporate website for all employees, stockholders, and stakeholders to report illegal or immoral behaviors among the Company.

The Company adopts its whistle-blowing system and scrupulously operates the system for employees, stockholders, and stakeholders by establishing "Reporting Regulations of Illegal, Immoral and Dishonest Conduct." The Regulation has been published on its Company website and the whistle-blowing system is handled by dedicated personnel and unit appointed; besides, the Company keeps confidentiality of the identity of whistle-blowers and the content of reported cases.

Sustainable Environment