Polymeric Micelle

By encapsulating molecules with poor solubility in polymeric micelle nanoparticles, TLC’s technology can increase the solubility of a drug. This allows a larger quantity to be delivered in a single dose, which can enable new forms of administration. For molecules that are too insoluble to be practical as stand-alone therapies, lipid encapsulation may be the key to generating an entirely new type of therapy. By incorporating careful attention to delivery characteristics from the earliest stages of drug design, TLC can expand possibilities for molecules that could lead to an effective therapy. TLC388, currently in development for indications within oncology, is an example of a highly promising therapy uniquely enabled by the benefits of polymeric micelle delivery.





Solubilizing water-insoluble drugs for injectable dosage


    • Solubilization water-insoluble drugs
    • Formation of narrow-sized nanoparticles
    • High drug loading (>30% of drug content)
    • Utilization of biocompatible EU, Japan and FDA-approved lipid-based excipients
    • Know-how for scale-up to commercial production