LipAD™ - Proprietary Lipid-Assembled Drug Delivery Platforms 


TLC is committed to creating solutions for longstanding challenges in drug development by enabling new therapies with entirely unique properties.

LipAD™ allows the design of medicines at the nanometer scale, improving drug solubility, protecting molecules from degradation, or targeting drug delivery to specific tissues and compartments within a cell, creating drugs that are longer lasting with increased efficacy, and enabling new mechanisms that would otherwise be impractical.

These lipid-based technologies enable straightforward development of new formulations of well-known drugs by improving upon their clinical characteristics.

Passive Targeting: Increasing Time in Circulation with NanoX™

Many drugs are quickly degraded once they enter the body. TLC uses NanoX™ technology to efficiently encapsulate drugs of many different molecular subtypes within lipid nanoparticles. This protects fragile drugs from enzymatic degradation or changes in pH. With prolonged time in circulation, a drug is more likely to reach specific disease sites such as tumors characterized by increased vascular permeability.

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Active Targeting: Using Antibodies to Deliver Drugs to Specific Tissues

Attaching antibodies or antibody fragments to lipid-encapsulated drug nanoparticles can be used to direct a payload to a particular tissue type in the body. This allows nanoparticles to accumulate at a specific site in the body, delivering a drug to where it is needed while avoiding other tissues. Once at the correct location, lipids help bring the drug inside of the cell to take effect.

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