Antibody-Linked Nanomedicines

TLC is using antibodies and antibody fragments attached to lipid encapsulated drugs to develop more effective therapies in oncology. These antibody-linked nanomedicines actively target specific tissues using binding interactions between a specific antibody and a target antigen on the surface of a particular cell type. Compared with passively targeted therapies, these nanomedicines are better able to reach tissues farther from blood vessels and improve the biodistribution of the therapeutic payload. In addition, lipid-based antibody-linked nanomedicines can deliver a higher quantity of payload molecules compared to other actively targeted therapies like antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). While ADC’s are capable of delivering 3 to 4 molecules of payload for each linked antibody, TLC’s nanomedicines are capable of delivering approximately 10,000 molecules with less than 100 antibodies. This approach is far more efficient and will likely translate into new treatments with higher efficacy. TLC’s development of antibody-linked nanomedicines builds on past successes in improving the delivery of cytotoxic drugs for therapies in oncology.



Active targeting to disease site


    • Active targeting
    • Internalization of target liposome