TLC has a proprietary solution for pharmaceutical product development called NanoX®NanoX® technology uses nanoparticles coated with the compound polyethylene glycol to reduce uptake by phagocytic cells of the immune system. This prolongs circulation in the body, allowing a drug to predominantly accumulate at particular disease sites such as tumors. Therapies based on NanoX® technology can also make use of additional molecular coatings to help nanoparticles to accumulate at cells of a specific type, such as tumor cells.

In addition, therapies based on NanoX® technology use chemical techniques developed by TLC to efficiently load a high quantity of active payload into each nanoparticle. These techniques provide dramatically improved stability in comparison to therapies based on other lipid-based delivery technologies.

We aim to utilize this platform to select APIs that have been widely used in clinical practice with confirmed activity against certain cancers. We believe that NanoX-encapsulated APIs could achieve better toxicity profiles, reduced dosing frequency, and possibly improved efficacy in terms of higher response rate and more durable response due to tissue targeting delivery and prolonged circulation time.

We believe NanoX® could also be developed as an antibody-conjugated variant for next-generation tissue/cellular targeting delivery. Furthermore, we believe that the payload-antibody ratio for antibody-conjugated NanoX® could reach over 50, an order of magnitude improvement in efficiency over conventional ratio of less than eight.



TLC178TLC590, Ampholipad™, Lipo-Dox


Novel drug loading vesicles of small unilamellar liposomes (100nm±20nm) with an ionic gradient for active drug loading


    • Efficient encapsulation of various drugs (e.g. weak base drug, adriamycin, vinca alkaloids, camptothecins) in liposomes 
    • Greater stability to support longer shelf-life
    • Prolonged circulation time (T1/2) by decreased clearance
    • Potential for decreased toxicity due to preferential distribution to tumor tissue
    • Ability to be applied to both small and large molecules
    • No exposure to organic solvents, which might lead to denaturation of the protein API, during the manufacturing process
    • A robust, scalable and replicable manufacturing process

TLC is looking for opportunities to collaborate with outside pharmaceutical companies by using our NanoX® product development solution. For information regarding licensing or research development opportunities, contact us